Coming up! For the second year in a row, Ten Tiny will happen in Corvallis, OR, presented by Mishele Mennett at the Majestic Theater, on January 11th and 13th.

Ten Tiny Dances ® - Corvallis

January 11 @ 7:30pm
January 13 @ 3:00pm
Art Show Begins at 6:30pm on January 11th
Mainstage at the Majestic Theatre, 115 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR
Tickets: $14

Ten Tiny Dances® presents edgy new work by local choreographers as they face the challenge of creating for a stage that is 4 feet by 4 feet by 1.5 feet high. Director Mishele Mennett premiered Ten Tiny Dances® Corvallis at the Majestic to sold-out crowds in Spring of 2018. Originally created in Portland, Oregon, in 2002, by Mike Barber, Ten Tiny Dances® continues to be produced by Mr. Barber, and others, with permission. You’ll see a variety of movement and dance genres, each distilled to its essence. The companion Tiny Art Show, coordinated by AliceAnn Eberman, will offer tiny paintings for purchase on opening night. This year the theme is WATER and the proceeds will go to the Marys River Watershed Council. Let the tide pull you to the Majestic to be amazed, delighted, and touched by this unique performance event.

Follow this link for me info:

Also in January, TTD will occur again in Tempe AZ, as part of the Breaking Ground Contemporary Dances Festival, presented by CONDER/dance. The event will happen at Tempe Center for the Arts on January 25th and 26th. Stay tuned for more info.

Ten Tiny Dances will also happen once again at The Garden Theater in Columbus Ohio, presented by New Vision Dance Co. on April 20th, 2019. Stay tuned for more information on that event as well.

New Visions Dance Co. Photography by Anna Steiner

New Visions Dance Co. Photography by Anna Steiner


In October, Ten Tiny happened for the first time at Mascher Space in Philadelphia (, presented by Paige Phillips. Photography above by Jen Kertis-Veit. Check out this review:

On July 14th, for the tenth year in a row, Ten Tiny Dances was presented by the Beaverton Arts Program. This year, dances happened on 5 tiny stages placed in and around The Round in downtown Beaverton, It was a beautiful sunny day, and audiences enjoyed exploring Beaverton as they discovered 10 diverse and fabulous dances. Many thanks to the artists who took part this year. They included Alexis Reale, Gabriela Guerra/Ballet Foklorico Academy, Crystal Jiko Sasaki, Jessica Zoller, Linda Austin & Stephanie Lavon Trotter, Melanie Anderson, Micah Chermak, Micelle Fujii & Subashini Ganesan, StuRu, and Khang Nguyen.